O melhor TED talk de sempre (feito por mim, claro)

Antes de mais, aconselho a ver este vídeo

Agora o meu ultimate TED talk

How many of you believe that I could use only data in this world. I would like to make you think of it as coffee that you won't like if you look at how it was made. That would be like French people who get very old. And then all of a sudden, we realize that a mirror model is needed of the United States. Therefore, this mirror of our lives quickly leads to metaanalysis. I'll give you my opinion: It has to do with French income distribution suddenly assuming that of the United States. In a way, this is similar to a patient where my performance was a disaster. (Laughter.) Thank you very much. But I just thought of the French products becoming a very ecological choice. You don't have to like it, but it is a choice to make something happen the same way that others have before us. Consider French products becoming a very ecological choice.

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